The 5 Best Shoe Trends to Fall for Now

It’s transition time! – we are slowly shifting into the rhythm of fall.  New seasons signal changes in our schedules and in our wardrobes too.   Go ahead and store your white jeans and breezy linens and move into darker tones and lightweight jackets.  The best way to step into autumn?  New shoes!!

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The sneaker trend gets an update!

Now that the sneaker has officially taken its rightful place in our hearts and in our closets, we are thrilled to welcome a little newness to this functional trend.

First generation fashion sneakers revolved around basic slip-ons, which at times felt a little bulky and masculine.  But, like all second generation models, the new ones are much improved. Designers recognize the necessity of sneakers in our wardrobes and have added feminine touches (rhinestones, lace, ribbons)  and most importantly an overall softer shape.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 8.38.18 AM.png Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.29.14 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-09 at 8.41.13 AM.png Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.30.55 AM.png

Details go a long way!


They are even creeping into the workplace, paired with tailored looks.  An important component to our everyday dressing options, sneakers are taking center stage, often over our clogs, loafers, and ballet flats.

No longer is the sneaker marginalized to only sporty or casual outfits…they bring an element of playfulness and balance to almost any piece; so add these into your wardrobe and pair them with midi skirts, cotton pants and even suits.

Not quite spring – how we tackle transitional dressing!

The last weeks of winter are so unpredictable when it comes to the weather.  We have seen temps rise into the 60’s only to dip back into the 30’s – a friendly reminder that winter will hang on for dear life.

Clearly, this is a tricky transitional time.  If you’re stumped over what to wear…here are some tips to help you straddle both seasons in style:


Always be Layering It sounds like just a buzz word but it is one to live by.  Start with a  lightweight silk top and layer it with a lighter color/spring weight sweater and instantly feel like winter is in the rear view mirror.  Alternatively, try a shirt and blazer or jacket and add a scarf for warmth while avoiding bulk and weight.


Almost all bottoms work.  Jeans are like food and water – can’t live without them.  We also are incorporating the latest activewear trend of a jogger/track style pant with flats or heels.   Go ahead and be a track star!



Go tonal or mix up the color story…but keep it lighter in feel.  You can still wear navy or black without feeling too dark.  These outfits can even handle an outerwear piece for those in-between temp days.  We paired jeans with platform oxfords in place of chunky boot.



We like to let it all hang out.  Swap the turtlenecks for cotton shirts or silk blouses. Details like ruffles or longer proportioned tops feel important and new but not bulky or heavy.

Green with Envy

The new way to play with tone… texture and proportion!

Keep the color story all in the family but break it up with fuzzy knits and a relaxed pant.

The boyfriend trouser adds balance to an oversized sweater or long cardi.  Go ahead and cuff ’em – a cropped pant breathes new life into everything!



Belts have been showing up more and more and a statement  accessory this season. It will help to manage some of the bulk of a big cozy knit and gives this look  the proportion it needs.




Final thought..heels add a feminine touch and “lift” to an otherwise  relaxed look.



One tip guaranteed to get you through the holidays in style!

Thinking how to put together a festive outfit?  One word: TEXTURE!


Getting dressed for a special night during these next few weeks can and should be fun.  Add texture with sparkly sequins, luscious leather, fun fur, va va velvet, elevated embroidery or big bling and your outfit will immediately be more festive, merry and glam.

You can keep it simple and just add one.  Or, in the words of Iris Apfel, “more is more and less is a bore!” and go for it.  It’s the holidays!


Sequins: Instantly brightens up any outfit and the perfect holiday element….day or night.






Fun Fur: Use as final piece of outfit – think shoes, vests, scarf or jacket.








Velvet:  The fabric of the season, either head to toe or as an accessory.  It’s here to stay.






Leather:  We think it should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.  Of course a jacket works but try a pant or skirt in place of jeans.





Embroidery:  Playful and fun





Big Bling:  Layer, layer, layer for festive impact! It’s the one thing that can change an all black moment.